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Smashed Buffalo Baby Bakers™

RW_Buffalo Smashed Babies Recipe
Yield: 14 Servings (4 oz.)

Yield: 14 Servings (4 oz.)

Perfectly sized Baby Bakers™ Roasted Potatoes are smashed and cooked until they get a little browned and crispy. Then load 'em up with flavor—sharp blue cheese, zesty buffalo sauce, and crispy scallions.

Ingredient Weight Measure
Simplot RoastWorks®: Baby Bakers™ Roasted Potatoes 6/2.5lb 40 oz. 1 bag
Vegetable oil 2 fl. oz. 1/4 cup
Kosher salt to taste
Black pepper, ground to taste
Garlic butter 1 oz.
Blue cheese, crumbled 4 oz.
Buffalo sauce 8 fl. oz. 1 cup
Scallions, sliced 2 oz.
Preparation Instructions:
Step 1
Thaw Baby Bakers™ potatoes according to package instructions.
Step 2
In two batches, smash potatoes on a 1/2 sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Top with another sheet of parchment paper and another clean 1/2 sheet pan. Apply pressure to flatten potatoes to 1/4-inch thickness.
Step 3
On a preheated flat-top grill or large skillet over medium-high heat, add oil. Take potatoes on the paper from pan, turn over potatoes onto flat-top grill. Cook until bottom is crispy. Flip potatoes over. Season with salt and pepper. Brush garlic butter over potatoes.
Step 4
Remove the potatoes onto a serving dish. Sprinkle blue cheese and drizzle with buffalo sauce. Garnish with scallions.
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