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Salted Caramel Apple Poutine

Salted Caramel Poutine
Yield: 5 Servings (14 oz.)

Yield: 5 Servings (14 oz.)

Traditional poutine gets a sweet and savory seasonal spin. Serve this dish as a shareable appetizer or even dessert.

Ingredient Weight Measure
Simplot Sweets® Fries: Sweet Potato Lattice Cut Fries 6/2.5lb 40 oz.
Simplot RoastWorks®: RTE Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples 6/2.5lb 20 oz.
Caramel sauce, warm 7 1/2 fl. oz.
Chocolate sauce 2 1/2 fl. oz.
Peanuts, roasted, chopped (optional) 2 1/2 oz.
Sea salt as garnish
Preparation Instructions:
Step 1
Prepare 8 oz. of sweet potato fries according to package directions. Place on a warm serving plate.
Step 2
Prepare apples according to package directions.
Step 3
Top fries with 4 oz. of apples, 1/2 oz. of caramel sauce, 1/2 oz. of chocolate sauce and 1/2 oz. of chopped peanuts (optional). Sprinkle with sea salt.
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