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Haricot de Deux with Raspberry Honey Vinaigrette

Haricot de Deux with Raspberry Honey Vinaigrette
Yield: 14 Servings (4 oz.)

Yield: 14 Servings (4 oz.)

A premium Haricot Vert blend is tossed with fruit, pumpkin seeds and crispy kale, and topped with raspberry honey vinaigrette.

Ingredient Weight Measure
Simplot Simple Goodness™: Haricot De Deux Vegetable Blend 6/2.5lb 40 oz.
Pomegranate arils 1/2 cup
Mandarin oranges, drained 11 oz.
Pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted 1/3 cup
Raspberry vinegar 3 fl. oz.
Honey 3 fl. oz.
Canola oil 3 fl. oz.
Salt and pepper to taste
Kale, fried, and broken apart 2 cup
Preparation Instructions:
Step 1
Prepare Haricot vegetable blend according to package instructions. Chill. Add pomegranate seeds, mandarin oranges and pumpkin seeds. Set aside.
Step 2
In a small bowl, combine vinegar, honey, oil and salt and pepper to taste. Blend well and pour over bean mixture. Toss lightly and top with crumbled kale.
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