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Ginger Asiago Stir Fry

Ginger Asiago Stir Fry Recipe
Yield: 12 Servings (4 oz.)

Yield: 12 Servings (4 oz.)

Featuring Simplot Simple Goodness™ Tuscan Vegetable Blend and the daring combination of ginger and Asiago cheese—this dish could become an instant signature side.

Ingredient Weight Measure
Simplot Simple Goodness™: Tuscan Vegetable Blend 8/3lb 48 oz.
Olive oil 4 fl. oz.
Shallots, minced 4 Tbsp.
Ginger, fresh, minced 2 Tbsp.
Garlic, minced 2 Tbsp.
Salt 2 Tbsp.
White pepper, ground 1-1/2 tsp.
Asiago cheese, shredded 2 oz.
Preparation Instructions:
Step 1
For each serving; place 4 oz. of the vegetable blend in boiling water for 1 minute, drain.
Step 2
In a small sauté skillet, heat 1 tsp. of olive oil over medium-high heat. Add 1/2 tsp. each of ginger and garlic. Add the warmed vegetable blend to the sauté pan and toss while cooking. Season to taste with salt and white pepper. Garnish with 1 tsp. of shredded Asiago cheese.
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