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Avocado Truffles

Avocado Truffles
Yield: (about 150-175 )

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Balance health and indulgence with dark chocolate truffles made with creamy Simplot Harvest Fresh Avocados Avocado Pulp.

1 1-lb. tray Simplot Harvest Fresh™ Avocados: Avocado Pulp, Frozen 12/1lb
20 oz Bittersweet dark chocolate, 60% cacao
2 Tbsp Agave
1 cup Pistachios, chopped (Optional)
4 cup Powdered sugar (Optional)
2 cups Special dark cocoa powder
4 cup Unsweetened cocoa powder (Optional)
Preparation Instructions:
Thaw avocado according to package instructions. Puree until smooth. Place into large bowl.
Melt dark chocolate.
Add Agave to melted chocolate and blend in avocado puree, fold in coco powder and mix until well combined. Do this by hand.
Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Roll the truffle mixture into small balls, about 1-inch or less in diameter.
Roll truffles in unsweetened coco powder, powdered sugar or chopped pistachios just prior to serving, serve immediately.
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