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Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps Using RTE Vegetables

What's the Big Deal About Ready-to-Eat Frozen Vegetables?

Simplot’s Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Frozen Vegetables and Fruit make prepping salads, grab-n-go items and meal kits a breeze—just thaw and serve. Read on to see how these products can help you cut your labor costs—and much more.

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Combine harvesting peas

What Makes Simplot’s Columbia River Basin Vegetables So Good

Watered by snowmelt from the Canadian Rockies, raised in the rich volcanic soils of eastern Washington, Simplot corn, peas, carrots and potatoes get the royal treatment from planting to processing. Learn what makes them so tender and delicious.

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Top 4 Vegetable Trends for 2020

When the clock strikes midnight in a couple of weeks, millions of Americans will resolve to eat better and try to consume more fruits and vegetables. While many of these resolutions will be broken, the growing popularity of vegetables and plant-based dishes is proving far more durable.

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Game Day Veggies

On Game Day, You Bet on Team Vegetables

Americans know they should eat more vegetables, and honestly, they’re trying. Thirty-four percent of consumers are ordering healthy items more often than they did two years ago.

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frozen vegetables

8 Reasons Frozen Vegetables and Potatoes Make More Sense than Fresh

When I first started working in restaurant kitchens, a big-deal chef told me something I have never forgotten. He pointed to a somewhat questionable side of asparagus I was plating and said, “to us, this is one of 400 covers. But to the guy sitting at table 8, this is his one and only dinner.”

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1-5 of 8 Items

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