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Experiencial Eating

Experiential Dining Proving to Be More Than a Fad

Remember the good old days, when having great food, great service and appealing décor were enough for a successful restaurant?

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Flexitarian Salad

Is 2020 the Year of the Flexitarian?

When The Economist published its “The World in 2019,” it declared 2019 to be “The Year of the Vegan.”1 Could be The Economist was right. If Burger King’s new Impossible Burger offering is any clue, vegan and vegetarian diets are more widely followed now than ever before.

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French Fry Board

What's the Latest in Charcuterie? French Fry Boards

Fry charcuterie is the latest in a series of Instagram-able entertaining boards or grazing tables.  The trend started with more elaborate cheese and charcuterie boards and has evolved to breakfast, candy and even taco boards. 

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Trend Feast

4 Hot Menu Trends for Fall 2018

As seasons change, so do the trends in foodservice. Thankfully, our Simplot Culinary Team was busy over the summer, pinpointing the latest menu trends and coming up with their own list of recommendations to help you stay on par with your off-campus competition.

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Trend Feast: Is your kids’ menu helping or hurting?

Trend Feast: Is Your Kids' Menu Helping or Hurting?

Make sure you’re prepared to attract more families this year. Forty-two percent of American households contain children.1 And when families go out to eat, kids have a say in 93% of the decisions on where they eat.2 So catering to kids is just smart business.

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1-5 of 10 Items