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Potato Field

The Power of Sustainability Partnerships at Simplot

Read on to find out why we value collaborations—and why partnerships are so vital to sustainability industry-wide.

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Restaurant sustainability

24 Low-Cost Sustainability Tactics for Restaurants

The drive for greater sustainability in restaurants remains one of the industry’s hottest trends in 2022. The reason? It’s what customers want.

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Earth Day

How Restaurants are Being More Sustainable — And You Can Too

It's clear, your patrons want to frequent restaurants that are thinking about and practicing sustainability. Here are some examples of restaurants around the world incorporating more eco-friendly practices—and ways you can, too.

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Simplot Adds Sustainability Goals to Food Group Website

Ever wonder what we’re doing to produce food more sustainably? Simplot Foods has launched a new addition to that details our ongoing sustainability efforts.

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Sustainably Simplot: Reducing Our Water Consumption in a Thirsty World

At Simplot Foods, our mission is to feed the world by bringing Earth’s resources to life. The fact that agriculture accounts for about 80% of total U.S. water consumption (90% in western states) places a large share of responsibility for ensuring future water availability squarely on food producers like us.

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