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Utilizing AI Back of House for Recipe Development

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Back of House

Can artificial intelligence really help you in the kitchen? In this post, we review three of the most popular AI tools for recipe generation—DishGen, Let’s Foodie and ChatGPT—and show you how they compare when presented with three simple ingredients.

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Baseball Stadium Concessions

Stadium Concessions: Trends and Insights for 2023 and Beyond

In this post, you’ll get a snapshot of the stadium concession customer today, learn what they’re looking for, and see what’s new on stadium menus. You’ll also find solutions to reduce your labor and improve your profitability.

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Using ChatGPT to create brilliant menu descriptions

AI in Restaurants: Using ChatGPT to Write Menu Descriptions

Tantalizing menu descriptions are critical to sales. Now AI tools like ChatGPT are radically reducing the time it takes to write them. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to use ChatGPT to create brilliant menu descriptions in seconds.

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Simplot® Avocados on the Tree

Avocado Season: How Time of Year Affects Prices and Quality

The avocado-growing capital of Michoacan, Mexico, has four distinct growing seasons that can dramatically affect pricing and quality. Learn how to overcome seasonal volatility and unexpected supply disruptions for better profitability.

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Pink Iced Strawberry Waffles

13 Rose-Colored Menu Ingredients for 2023

Pink food offers a multitude of benefits for chefs and restaurant owners right now. Incorporating pink foods into your menu can help you generate the excitement you need to keep customers coming back. Get creative and have fun—the possibilities of pink are endless!

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