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How Frozen Foods Can Improve Labor and Inventory Management During COVID-19

With local restrictions on restaurant dining evolving as coronavirus cases spike nationwide, inventory, food costs and labor are getting harder to manage. We’ve addressed forecasting sales to help with scheduling your staff and managing labor in this article in more depth.

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How to Forecast Your Restaurant Sales to Help with Scheduling

Proper scheduling to maintain labor costs has always been essential to running a restaurant business. The pandemic has made forecasting sales and scheduling your team even more challenging—we have some suggestions to help you.

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Labor Recovery

Reopening Successfully, Part 1:  How to Manage Labor

Maybe you closed your doors temporarily or kept a skeleton crew for takeout and delivery orders. You’ve made it this far. Now governors are setting dates for when restaurants can fully reopen. That’s good news.

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Grocery Worker

9 Ways to Use Frozen Products to Offset a Labor Shortage

Many delis have had a sizeable portion of their staff reassigned to other parts of the store to help with things like stocking. At the same time, these departments are being asked to produce more grab-and-go offerings and meal kits than ever in response to the coronavirus crisis.

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Lessons From Katrina: How New Orleans Restaurants Rebounded–And What It Means Today

For the restaurant industry, the coronavirus has been devastating. Owners, employees and suppliers are struggling to cope with the extreme disruption and dislocation. This brought to mind another catastrophic event for Simplot rep Nick Niemenski: Hurricane Katrina.

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