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Manager of Scoville's Hot Chicken

Michelin-Awarded Chef Picks Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries for Latest Concept

What happens when operators switch to Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries with industry-leading 40+ minute hold time? Check out this amazing story from Scoville Hot Chicken in Atlanta, GA. (Hint: soggy fries didn't stand a chance.)

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Jethro's BBQ Cook in Kitchen

Is a 40+ Minute Hold Time for Fries Believable? Jethro’s BBQ Finds Out.

Like so many full-service restaurants, Jethro’s BBQ, an emerging chain of barbecue restaurants in Des Moines, Iowa, was forced to go to a 100% takeout-and-delivery model by the pandemic. Even though takeout has long been a part of Jethro's business model, they had some challenges.

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Kitchen Stories: Stone Harbor

Differentiate or Die: How Unique Fries Help a Jersey Shore Operator Stand Out

Competition has always been stiff in the restaurant business. But it’s especially tough on the Jersey Shore near Stone Harbor, New Jersey. There, dozens of operators have only 15 weeks to make the bulk of their annual profits before their summer season ends.

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Kitchen Stories: purdue university

Purdue University Adopts Frozen Grains to Match Plant-Based Trend, Reduce Labor

On campus, Gen Z students mindful issues like climate change and animal welfare appreciate their environmental benefits and sustainability of plant-based, relative to other food choices. So it’s no surprise many students are actively looking for plant-based dishes in their dining halls.

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Kitchen Stories: Infinity® Fries: Driving More Thru the Drive-Thru

Faster-Cooking Fry Helps Drive-Thru Beat the Pandemic

For many restaurants, the order to close down during the coronavirus pandemic was crippling—but not for all. At a time when your car felt like the safest place you could be, drive-thru held a considerable advantage over their dine-in-only competition.

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