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Simplot Select Recipe Sea Salt Straight Cut Fries

How to Cook Frozen French Fries: Expert Advice

Everyone in your kitchen knows how to cook frozen french fries, right? Read on to ensure you are selecting the right fries, and that you are following best practices for proper storage and handling, cooking and holding.

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SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Crispy Fry flight

Surprise Twist: SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Celebrate Eight Years of Global Growth

Learn how SIDEWINDERS™ Fries changed the world of fried potatoes when they launched in 2013 and how the brand is evolving today.

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Lady Liberty_National Free Fry Day Logo

Fries Drove Traffic During the Pandemic: Learn How to Capitalize on the Trend

More than half of U.S. adults have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and many are beginning to venture out to their favorite restaurants. How can you draw in more of the diners you need to rebuild after the pandemic? Two words: french fries.

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4 Tips for Serving Better Fries Amid COVID-19

With the current shelter-in-place orders, delivery, takeout & curbside pick-up orders are rising fast. Learn 4 key ways to serve better fries off-premise.

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French Fry Board

What's the Latest in Charcuterie? French Fry Boards

Fry charcuterie is the latest in a series of Instagram-able entertaining boards or grazing tables.  The trend started with more elaborate cheese and charcuterie boards and has evolved to breakfast, candy and even taco boards. 

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