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Deli Case

Top 10 Simplot Product Recommendations for the Deli

Whether you’re assembling grab-and-go meals for the cold case or continuing to offer counter service from the hot case, here are our top 10 choices.

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Potatoes and Spinach Florentine

5 Comfort Food Recipes for Delis

In uncertain times like these, consumers are looking for familiar flavors and meals that help put their minds at ease, a.k.a. comfort food. The Simplot Culinary Team offers these five recipes as excellent choices for grab-and-go meals and home meal kits that your team can prepare in-store.

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Grocery Worker

9 Ways to Use Frozen Products to Offset a Labor Shortage

Many delis have had a sizeable portion of their staff reassigned to other parts of the store to help with things like stocking. At the same time, these departments are being asked to produce more grab-and-go offerings and meal kits than ever in response to the coronavirus crisis.

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Customer at Deli Counter

Top 10 Strategies for Supermarket Delis During COVID-19

Deli departments are dealing with changes to every aspect of their business as new precautions change the way you and your customers interact. And with labor being diverted to help in other parts of the store, it’s more important than ever to work efficiently.

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Game Day Veggies

On Game Day, You Bet on Team Vegetables

Americans know they should eat more vegetables, and honestly, they’re trying. Thirty-four percent of consumers are ordering healthy items more often than they did two years ago.

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1-5 of 8 Items

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