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Al Fresco Dining

Al Fresco Fries: Choosing the Right Fry for New Outdoor Seating

While many cities are mandating lower indoor seating capacity inside restaurants thanks to COVID-19, many are also allowing operators to add new seating areas outside—on the sidewalk, on a closed street or even an adjacent park.

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Restaurant Coronavirus Masks

Reopening Successfully, Part 3: Optimizing Revenue and Operations

In Part 1, we discussed ways to improve the way you attract, train and manage labor as you restart operations. Part 2 covered the steps you can take to streamline and optimize your menu for profit. This article offers you some promotional and operational strategies to maximize your traffic and profitability.

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Restaurant Menu

Reopening Successfully, Part 2: Menuing Strategies

With seating capacity reduced by social distancing guidelines, it’s going to be critical to make as much as you can from every seating and keep tables turning. Now is the time to take a hard look at your menu and make sure it’s optimized for profitability and operational simplicity.

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Round Up Part 2: Inspiring Ideas from Operators to Help Your Business During Crisis

“Comfort food” isn’t just an indulgence, especially in times of social distancing. Comfort food has real, psychological and social benefits for many, and operators are shifting menus to help deliver comfort-based menu items people are craving. In Cary, N.C., operators of Postmaster, a high-end prime rib restaurant, switched to offering takeout cheeseburgers—both to meet demand for comfort food and so their margins made more sense in the age of delivery.

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Labor Recovery

Reopening Successfully, Part 1:  How to Manage Labor

Maybe you closed your doors temporarily or kept a skeleton crew for takeout and delivery orders. You’ve made it this far. Now governors are setting dates for when restaurants can fully reopen. That’s good news.

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