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Creative Outdoor Seating Options in New York City

How to Make Outdoor Dining Perform Beyond the Pandemic

When cities began to lift the initial restrictions on restaurants last summer and fall, outdoor dining became a lifeline for struggling operators. As winter weather settled in, owners got creative with solutions to make eating out in the cold a warm, inviting experience. Now with spring in sight, will the popularity of outdoor dining melt with the higher temperatures?

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Customer picks up order at 13 Coins

Iconic Seattle Restaurant 86’s Soggy Delivery Fries

COVID-19 hit the entire country hard in 2020, but it hit the Seattle area first. When lockdown orders went into effect on March 15th, one of the city’s most beloved restaurants, 13 Coins, pivoted to takeout and delivery service.

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Post Covid Predictions Image

5 Predictions from Operators About the Industry After COVID

It’s been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic swept through the U.S. and restaurant operators have had to adjust to fast-changing regulations and customer preferences. There’s no doubt that the changes made during COVID will carry on into the future, even once the country goes back to “normal.”

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Navigating 2nd Round of PPP Loans Blog Post

The Second Round of PPP Loans: What You Need To Know

The Small Business Administration has just released guidance on what they’re calling the Paycheck Protection Second Draw Loans. They’ve made a few tweaks to the program since the first round in 2020. In this post, we break down some of the eligibility requirements and get advice from fellow restaurant owners that went through the process the first time around.

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Delivery Packaging Options

Delicious on Arrival: Better Packaging for Delivery and Takeout

Finding the right packaging for your takeout and to-go business can be a daunting task. There are so many different options. Takeout and delivery is only trending up, so putting some thought and effort into how you package your food will become more and more important.

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