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Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps Using RTE Vegetables

What's the Big Deal About Ready-to-Eat Frozen Vegetables?

Simplot’s Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Frozen Vegetables and Fruit make prepping salads, grab-n-go items and meal kits a breeze—just thaw and serve. Read on to see how these products can help you cut your labor costs—and much more.

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Utilizing frozen vegetables and fruit to cut down on food waste

Frozen Food: The Ultimate Waste Saver

As a matter of survival, restaurants learned to operate more efficiently during the pandemic. But, there's still one inefficiency many operators have yet to tackle: food waste.

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Summer Catering Blog Image

How to Meet the Pent-up Demand for Catering with Limited Staff

Catered events are coming back in a big way. But the increased demand brings with it some new challenges. We have some ideas to help you manage unnecessary labor and waste without sacrificing quality.

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Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice and Al Pastor Bowl

Frozen Avocado: 7 Reasons It’s Making a Comeback

Frozen avocado is finally getting its due. After years of playing second fiddle to fresh avocado, frozen pulp, halves, dices and guacamole are drawing renewed interest in foodservice.

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How Frozen Foods Can Improve Labor and Inventory Management During COVID-19

With local restrictions on restaurant dining evolving as coronavirus cases spike nationwide, inventory, food costs and labor are getting harder to manage. We’ve addressed forecasting sales to help with scheduling your staff and managing labor in this article in more depth.

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