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Why Fries Are More Important Than Ever for Restaurants

When it comes to driving traffic and profits, few things come close to french fries. After all, almost half of Americans say french fries are their go-to comfort food. In this article, you’ll learn how to market and menu fries to attract more customers and maximize your revenue.

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How to Make Frozen Fries Crispy in the Oven

Baking frozen french fries is a must in K-12 foodservice. (Can you think of anything your students love more?) In this article, you'll learn how to make frozen fries crispy in the oven in a way that rivals the best your K-12 students have enjoyed in restaurants.

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RoastWorks® products used in multiple dishes

How the Restaurant Industry Performed in Q1 2023

With the rising costs of food and labor, margins are under increasing pressure. Find out how operators are fighting back and learn about Simplot products that can help.

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Simplot® Avocados on the Tree

Avocado Season: How Time of Year Affects Prices and Quality

The avocado-growing capital of Michoacan, Mexico, has four distinct growing seasons that can dramatically affect pricing and quality. Learn how to overcome seasonal volatility and unexpected supply disruptions for better profitability.

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BLT Fries Kit Featuring Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Clear Coated Crinkle Cut Fries

“Soggy Fries” and 7 Other Restaurant Reviews to Avoid

Poor online fry reviews are bad for business. How can you recover? In this post, you'll learn about the common types of fry complaints found online—and what you can do to serve better fries now. Your reputation depends on it!

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